Introductory Remarks from Misha Collins

by Brendan Hughes (feat. Misha Collins) | The Pizzicato Effect

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Hilariously loopy! The Personable, polymathic comedian… wisecracks his way to an oddly moving and serious definition of art.

LA Weekly

He’s gonna be a big star…

Boston Public Radio

I saw this performed last week and can’t recommend it enough. Incredibly funny and dazzlingly intelligent. I laughed, I cried, I learned the secrets of the Universe.

joshbreg, iTunes user

Brendan is hilarious… I love him.

Right This Minute TV

…clever, amusing, and then unexpectedly something more, a magician’s jerk of the tablecloth that rearranges all the elements of comedy…

Boston Globe

This guy is the real deal. he and his brain take you on a truly fantastic journey.

piggybelvedere, iTunes user

This guy is probably the definition of intelligent humor. He discusses great theories and scientific methods, but does it in a way that is funny if you pay enough attention.

olliehermann1010, Pandora listener

This show will invert your sense of self while radically shifting the outdated and narrow paradigms with which you feebly perceive this world.

David Egan

Move over Lettermen and Leno, there’s a new kid in town.

Provincetown Banner

Smarter than most comics — funnier than most smart people. Love the way this guy’s brain works!

jfonline, iTunes user

Psycho-Intellectual Equipment for the Post-Everything Age

Of an evening—through diagrams, theories and preposterous arcana—humorist Brendan Hughes offers a selection of his twelve comic, ontological mini-lectures drawn from the darkest corners of the Wikiverse… from Euclid’s drug-induced perfect rectangle to Plato’s penchant for name-dropping, from Julius Caesar’s IT department to Pope Gregory XIII’s time warping proclivities, Miles Davis’s unplayed notes to Wolfgang A. Mozart’s delicious command of restraint… all in a valiant attempt to double-click on the Universe.


Traveling with a projection screen, a theremin, a microphone, and often his friend Jeff Dinsmore to sing songs about it all, Brendan will come to your town and tickle your brain.


Consider these topics:

Time Goes Sideways: in which we emancipate ourselves from time’s oppressive concatenation through forgiveness of its slippery simultaneity and a befriending of our future selves

The Human Slouch Towards Narrative: in which we burst from the invisible prison of narrative and behold our five concurrent self-deceptions

The Oomphalos: in which we penetrate the nature of truth in the arts and subject them to Plato’s indictment

The “Death” of “Irony”: in which we defragment the snarkified lens through which we now experience all culture and give birth to a new emotion for the twenty-first century

Where Do We Come From: in which we forge a new religion based on universal criteria, that we might systematize our beliefs into a one-of-a-kind synthesis

Great ‘Fuck-it’s in History: in which we dive deep into the psyches of human’s with nothing left to lose, from Chuck Yeager to Paul Gauguin, who plunge forth rather than cower at pivotal moments in their lives. An epic poem in forty-four stanzas.

Euclid’s Dilemma: in which we glean wisdom from the hilariously tragic story of the world’s first disrupter

Mediocrity and the Infinite Badness: in which we root out the societal scourge of meh, that we might as a nation take up psychological arms against it

The Future Will Eat Death: in which we release ourselves from the ultimate driving fear and stride backward into the bosom of things to come

Anatomical Secrets to Authenticity: in which we unlock the resonance of or body parts that we may vibrate more harmoniously with disarming truths

The Post-Everything Age: in which we push the needle of our own Gestalt down into the groove of the Zeitgeist that we may abandon our flights of Weltschmerz in favor of our own personal Gesamptkunstwerk

Joli-laid and the Bottlecap Guitars: in which we dwell in the dispicable, the wrong and the depraved that we may astonish ourselves with gold in the cosmic junkyard

The Pizzicato Effect: in which uncover the undeniable power negative space in the arts has to connect us

℗ & © 2014 Brendan Hughes. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured in U.S.A.